Customized Implants

Utilizing the latest and most innovative computer imaging and modeling technologies, Matrix Surgical USA can design precisely fitted patient-specific implants which:

  • Restore normal craniofacial anatomy
  • Obliterate bony defects in the skull or orbits
  • Augment facial skeletal or soft tissue defects

Matrix Surgical USA specializes in the advanced modeling of OMNIPORE® Customized Surgical Implants including the following case types:

COMPLEX ASYMMETRY - Asymmetry cases in which bilateral symmetry cannot be represented by a simple mid plane, where there is a significant amount of hardware already in place or when the bone surface has a very irregular surface.

SOFT TISSUE COMPENSATION - A hard implant is used to restore both a bony surface and missing soft tissue anatomy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made from Porous High-Density Polyethylene, a biomaterial with a long history of use in craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation surgery.
  • More precise fit compared to off-the-shelf options.
  • Further refinements intra-operatively are possible with a scalpel, surgical scissors or power instrument.
  • Reduced surgery time.
  • Can be stabilized with standard craniofacial fixation systems.
  • Radiolucent. Minimal artifact on MRI scan.
  • Patients do not experience sensitivity to extreme temperature changes as with titanium implants.
  • Ability to accept CT Scan (DICOM uncompressed) data via a secure, password-protected web portal.
  • Provided sterile by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.