temporal hollowing implants


The BENDBLOCKTM Implant is designed for use in small or medium split-thickness cranial defects and contour deformities. The superior surface of the BENDBLOCK is smooth, while a pattern of pedicles on the inferior surface offer volume and flexibility. The implant can be modified with a scalpel to create a flange for fixation to the surrounding bone.

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The BENDBLOCKTM TF2 Implant is designed to augment deficient soft tissue in the temporal region after trauma or when the temporalis muscle has been mobilized to a secondary site for reconstruction. Available in left and right orientation, the BENDBLOCK TF2 includes pedicles for volume enhancement that can be easily trimmed away with a scalpel depending on…

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Pterional Implant

The Pterional Implant is used to correct temporal hollowing defects in patients who have had temporalis muscle atrophy due to surgical interventions through a pterional approach to the brain. The implant is placed deep to the temporalis when closing and can be secured with screw fixation to the surrounding temporal bone. Available in one size…

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