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OMNIPORE Surgical Implants are manufactured from a linear high-density polyethylene, which has a long history of use in surgical implants. OMNIPORE Surgical Implants allows for tissue ingrowth because of its interconnecting open pore structure. The firm nature of the material allows carving with a sharp instrument without collapsing the pore structure. OMNIPORE Surgical Implants in blocks, sheets and preformed anatomical shapes are intended for augmentation and restoration of the craniomaxillofacial skeleton.

The porosity of OMNIPORE Surgical Implants is maintained large, with average pore sizes greater than 100 microns and pore volume in the 50% range (measured by Mercury Intrusion Porosimitry). Animal data has demonstrated that the OMNIPORE Surgical Implants permit tissue ingrowth. The clinical significance of tissue ingrowth may vary with the application and implant site. In Vitro and In Vivo biocompatibility studies have shown OMNIPORE Surgical Implants to be free from any observable systemic or cytotoxic effects.

The success of any implant is dependent upon careful handling and good surgical technique. Porous materials are particularly susceptible to contamination either by micro-organisms or foreign material. In order to reduce the chance of contamination by preoperative handling, OMNIPORE Surgical Implants are provided sterile in a variety of shapes and sizes. OMNIPORE Surgical Implants should remain in the protective pouch until the implant site has been prepared.

Select from an array of anatomical shapes, sheets/blocks and spheres including:

  • Facial shapes for chin, malar, rim, midface and mandibular augmentation
  • Neurosurgical implants for cranial and skull-based reconstruction
  • Reconstructive shapes for traumatic defects and Microtic ears
  • Sheets, wedges and blocks for orbital trauma and enophthalmus correction
  • Spheres for volume replacement in enucleation and evisceration procedures

A reference list of articles/presentations and publications on high-density polyethylene craniofacial implants and porous polyethylene is available upon request from Matrix Surgical USA.