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Design Y™ Mandible Onlays*

Designed in conjunction with Michael J. Yaremchuk, M.D.

Design Y Mandible Onlays benefit patients who have skeleton mandibular deficiencies or surgically altered anatomy. Implant design provides the opportunity for augmentation of ramus height and ramus width. It also provides the opportunity to alter the inclination of the mandibular plane and restore continuity of the mandibular border. The registration tab allows for ideal and symmetric placement. Three sizes with left and right orientation allow the surgeon to meet the requirements of each patient.

Design Y™ Chins*

Designed in conjunction with Michael J. Yaremchuk, M.D.

Design Y Chin implants come as a three-part assembly – right and left halves joined by a connecting tab – which allows for easier insertion. Two styles (round and square) are offered in a range of sizes to address patient needs. The Design Y Chin implants are uniquely designed with registration tabs which act as a flange to allow the implant to “hug” the inferior border of the mandible. Together with the connecting tab, the registration tabs allow for precise, symmetric augmentation of the chin complex. Implants can be easily trimmed and contoured to meet size requirements.

Osteotomy Gap Implant

The Osteotomy Gap Implant is designed to correct the inferior border contour irregularities of the mandible which inevitably occur after sagittal split osteotomy or sliding genioplasty. Each sterile package contains two implants.

Two-Piece Chin Designs

The Two-Piece Chin implant comes in two pieces: a right half and a left half. Segmentation facilitates easy placement of the implant. Designed for the reconstruction of the retrusive or hypoplastic chin, the two-piece design also provides flexibility and proper anatomical positioning of the implant. Implants are available in several anterior projections.

* U.S. Patent applications 13/532,283 and 12/342,762